Friday, March 13, 2015

Working and Working Out

What luck I've happened into!  Last year I was given all the personal training I could handle, at a beautiful—frankly high-class health club, which happens to only be a mile from my front door.

I was by no means perfect throughout the year (who is?), but I made the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity, where I could work out as much as my mushy body would allow, with the support of my family in not having to work for a wage, and with the support of my team of experts at Five Seasons, keeping me safe and on track.

I lost over a hundred pounds and have become a hundred percent more functional over this year and, in service of progress, I wanted to get my very first job, ever.  But who would pick a 27-year old applicant with no work experience and an incomplete college education, for a job that doesn’t serve fries on the side?  In another strike in my view of golden luck, the brilliant and beautiful management at Five Seasons, having seen my evolution and tenacity throughout last year, took a chance on me and hired me to the Member Service Desk—as great of a first job as I could imagine, let alone hope for.

In examining just how great a situation Fortune has found for me, I get to work with the team member friends I've made and get to see all my member friends as they visit throughout the day.

The average commuting worker probable spends accumulated day over the course of a year, sitting in traffic; my trip to work is four minutes and a stoplight.  Then after work we, the responsible people who take care of ourselves, often go to the gym, and for the average person it means a fresh round of commuting hell.  I literally clock out at the gym.  My terse commute to the gym laughs at my commute to work!

Now my job may not be a wage at which I can start a family, but it’s a wonder starting point in the work force, one with real responsibilities (Everyone leaves at night and leave me with the keys to the Club!), and at a fantastic company that—you never know—routinely hires from within.  I look at it as if I’m putting in my time, building up my work ethic like I built up my body. 

As I get used to the routine of working—now that it seems like my work is satisfactory and my tenure is open-ended—I feel much more comfortable behind the Member Service Desk.  I find that I have been planning better and getting more accomplished with my reduce amount of free time, that I don’t have as much time to sit and examine how (low) I may be feeling.  I am also starting to add to my number of workouts per week.  Pretty soon I’ll be back to where I was last year; only now with a full-time job, a little bit of pocket money, and a lot less time to be tempted with the tasty treats at home.  I predict a good run of weight loss in the near future; I can’t wait!


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